Valley Ballet Academy

"For Excellence in Ballet Technique"

Our Mission

"Training up young ballet dancers"

At the Valley Ballet Academy, we hope that you find a welcoming family-likeĀ  environment where your young children can grow up among friends. Our teachers have knowledgable backgrounds in ballet technique and are ready to work alongside your children to train them up into beautiful young dancers. Here, our students learn ballet terminology, ballet history, the proper executions of ballet steps, historical ballet choreography, discipline, respect and responsibility and are encouraged to take care of their bodies as well as their minds.


Valley Ballet Academy is a school that prides itself in training professional ballet technique to our dancers. While we offer and incorporate other dance forms, like jazz and hip-hop, ballet is our focus and foundation.

We offer much more than just dance classes. We teach structure, discipline, respect and responsibility; values and morals that can carry our young students through any aspect of their lives. For a detailed summary of our class curriculums please click the following link.

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Three Truths about Ballet

What is "ballet" ? To the majority of the public, ballet summons up a picture in one's mind of fluffy tutus, glittering tiaras, shiny pink pointe shoes and silly giggling girls. That is the child's dress-up play version of what ballet really is. Ballet requires much more than being able to play dress up. Learning to dance does not work like school; where everyone is put in a class with people their same age and they all move along through life at roughly the same pace. There isn't a magic age where you magically get you pointe shoes. Everyone does not graduate into being a "professional" all of a sudden when you are done going through the levels of ballet classes. If you are interested in learning a little bit about what being dedicated to ballet looks like, we have compiled a short list of answers to three huge questions that we get asked the most. We are here to work with both the students who wish to dance has a fun after-school recreational activity, as well as to train up young ballet dancers who are hoping to become paid ballerinas one day. Ballet is surely fun to all of our students and we are here to share in that fun with them as they grow from small children into beautiful and graceful young ladies.

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