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Ballerina Birthday Parties:

No matter the theme your princess has chosen to celebrate her special day, our party team at the Valley Ballet Academy promises to make her birthday fun and bright. We have put together a party package that includes the following:

Ballet Performance:

The birthday girl and the party ballerina will perform a special dance together choreographed just for your special little princess. You are welcome to choose a piece of music or have the ballerina choose a song to dance to. This includes 6 1/2 hour private lessons between the birthday girl and her ballerina teacher in order to choreograph a personal performance piece together.

You Choose the Destination:

Wherever you are celebrating, we will meet you there!

Dance demonstration:

After the birthday girl's magical performance, the ballerina will invite the party guests to join in and participate in a 45 minute dance class demonstration based on the age of the birthday girl.

Party Favors:

During the birthday girl's performance, she will assist the ballerina in passing out ballet themed party favors to her friends that will include a coupon for a free trial class at the Valley Ballet Academy. The birthday girl will receive a crown and royal scepter.

Professional Photography:

We have a professional photographer accompany our ballerina to her parties and take beautiful pictures of the performances and children participating in the dance class demonstration. You will receive a CD in the mail of all of your ballerina birthday pictures.


The party package comes to : $185 which includes the 6 private lessons, performance, photography, and 45 minute class with party favors for the birthday girl and her guests.

There is an additional $8/child guest to cover the cost for the amount of party favors.

Contact the Valley Ballet Academy to set up a party planning session today!