Valley Ballet Academy

"For Excellence in Ballet Technique"

Hours of Operation:

Monday - 5pm - 8:30pm

Tuesday - 5pm - 8:30pm

Wednesday - 5pm - 8:30pm

Thursday - 5pm - 8:30pm

Friday - 5pm - 7:30pm

Saturday - 10am - 2:30

Sunday - Closed



    Pre-Ballet, Ages 3-4:


    Any student ages 3-4 years old will be placed into this level. Students that are of an older age and/or show proper abilities to focus, follow directions and have an acceptable knowledge about their body may be tested out of this class. Inside our pre-ballet class, young students learn how to focus while there are other distractions around the studio trying to take their attention (in the form of parents, other students, customers at the front desk, and even music). In this class, students will learn to follow directions as precisely as possible for their young bodies and minds. At this age, students are learning and fine-tuning motor skills. They are learning about their body and how it works so that they can manipulate it to do what they ask it to in later levels.

    Beginning Ballet, Ages 5-6:

    Students who are 5-6 years old and any students who have been tested out of the pre-ballet level course will be placed into this class.

    This class is based on building the foundation of body placement and technical knowledge that our young students will need in more advanced levels. In this class, we begin building on the students' ability to focus and stay in one spot in the classroom for longer periods of time; following the teacher regardless of any distractions. Each student will choose a designated spot that they will stay on for about 45 minutes of the class. In their spots, the class will go through basic ballet steps from PliƩs to Rond de Jambes.

    Ballet I, 7 Years and Up:

    This class is for our beginner students who have not had the chance to go through our pre-ballet or beginning ballet levels due to their age. Some of our beginning ballet students will go into this course to fine-tune their knowledge and execution of basic ballet technique before going into our Ballet II Prep class. This class is designed for students ages 7+ who are just beginning to dance. Students who have come from other dance studios will be asked to take this class as their placement test to find out which level they should be placed in.

    Jazz I, ages 5 and up:

    Our Jazz level I class is structured for students who are of a beginning level. Students who are just starting out Jazz or have had some dance experience in high school will be placed in this class. In this class, students with minimal Jazz experience previous to attending class with us will have the opportunity to test into our Jazz II class. Any of our younger beginning ballet or ballet I students are welcome to take this class as well.

    Hip-Hop, ages 12 and up:

    Our hip-hop class is designed for students who are ages 12+ or who have been personally invited into the class by the teacher. This is due to the nature of body movement and music listened to in this class. If you have a child younger than 12 years old and wish to take this class, please feel free to make an appointment with the instructor as a placement test audition into the class.
    In this class, students will learn to let loose and perform. After warm-up, some stamina and strength building exercises, and across-the-floor work students will work on learning choreography based on the different styles of hip-hop movements. Learning choreography helps the students' minds build and learn the body movements and style needed to perform this style of dance.

Our Ballet II Prep class and any higher levels are based on invitation only. Students must first test out of the Ballet I class based on their knowledge and proper execution of body placement and execution of ballet steps.

We hope that your time at the Valley Ballet Academy is enjoyable between your family, teachers and friends you make here. Please feel free to e-mail, call, or come in and ask any questions you may have.